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So I’m watching the evening news.  Yesterday, in Tulsa, a student was caught with a gun at school.  Naturally, there is a story about safety in schools.  They were interviewing an assistant principal at one of the schools.  I had to rewind the tivo three times to make sure I heard what I though I heard.

Here is a direct quote from the story (

As for walk-through metal detectors, only a handful of middle and high schools have them.  One of those schools is Nimitz Middle School. We’re told they use it three times a year.  “Why do you not use it every day if you have it,” we asked Nimitz Assistant Principal Jackie Tolbert.

“Well, our procedures are not to use it every day,” Tolbert said. “Because if the students realize that we are using it on a daily basis, of course they’re not going to attempt to bring anything in that they shouldn’t bring in. We’re trying to catch contraband that should not be brought into the schools.”

I’m speechless.  What the hell can you say after that?

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before, but I’m the VP of the local teacher’s association.  In this capacity I intervene when a teacher feels they are being treated unfairly by the administration.

A teacher came to me this morning with their paycheck stub.  The conversation follows:

Teacher:  I’m being underpaid.
Me:  What makes you think that?
Teacher:  If I take the first line on my paycheck and multiple it by 12 it doesn’t equal the amount that is listed on our salary schedule.
Me: (at this point I’m thinking that the payroll department didn’t bump him up a step for one more year of service.  this is a fairly common occurence at the beginning of the year)  How much are you short?
Teacher:  4 cents.
Me:  4 cents?
Teacher:  Yes.
Me:  Well, your annual salary doesn’t divide evenly by 12, its always off a few cents.  Your July check next year will have the “extra” 4 cents on it.
Teacher:  So I’m being underpaid every month and I’m supposed to wait until July to get caught up?
Me: (confused look)  Uhmmm, you realize we’re talking about one-fourth of a PENNY per month, right?
Teacher:  It is the principle.  They should pay me that 4 cents on the first check, not the last one.
Me:  (blank stare)
Teacher:  I want to file a grievance.
Me:  (blank stare)
Teacher:  Can I have the form please?
Me:  (blank stare)
Teacher:  (defiant stare)
Me:  No.  I’m not going to file a grievance over 4 cents.
Teacher:  Well.  That’s not very professional.
Me:  Seriously?  Seriously?  Get out of my room…