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For those of you who don’t know, this coming Tuesday is Teacher Appreciation Day.  My local teacher association buys gifts every year for our members on this day.

Due to today being the end of state testing I thought it would be nice to pass out the gifts early this year as a thanks to everyone for their efforts this past three weeks.

This year’s gift is an insulated coffe mug.  You know, silver with a black lid and handle, with our association logo on the side.  I thought it was a nice gift.  As my dad has been known to say, “Better than a kick in the ass, at least.”

I wound my way through the hallways (and keeping my eye our for wondering students) to pass out the gifts.  Most of my colleagues were pleased with the surprise of an unexpected gift, but many just really frosted my ass…

“What the hell am I gonna do with this?  I don’t drink coffee.” 

“Well, that was a waste of money, I’ll never use this.”

“Why are you interuppting my class to give me a useless coffee mug.”

“Do you know how many coffee mugs I already have, what makes you think I need another one?”

It took everything I had in me to not tell them to kiss my ass.  What happened to good manners?  I was taught to say thank you when someone gave me a gift, and even if it was a piece of crap, to be nice about it.  And these people are teaching!!!!!!  I’m glad my kids are already out of school.  And its a shame that I, as a teacher, feel that way. 

After I calm down I may write an email to each of the ungrateful bastards.  I don’t know if it would do any good though.

Today was the End of Instruction test for Geometry, one of my classes…

I’ve been begging and pleading for the last three weeks for them to try their best.  Please don’t randomly check answers, try to pass. 

I am the test administrator for my 63 lovely, young, fresh-faced students.  It is an online test.  I manage to get all 63 logged in, read the instructions, and turn them loose.  This part is a 60 minute test, but if they need more time, the test isn’t really timed. 

As I’m wandering up and down I notice, without looking at the test question close enough to read it, that one young lady has been on the first question for 10 minutes.

“Is everything alright with your computer?”  I ask.

“Yup, everything’s fine.”

6 minutes or so later, as I pass by, I notice she’s still on the first question.

“Everything okay?”

“Yes, Mr. W, everything is fine.”

Next pass-by, still on the first question.

“Hey, April, what?” and I shrug my shoulders.

“You’ve been telling us to take our time and do our best, right?  And you told us this test isn’t timed, right?  I’m gonna need some extra time on this Mr. W”


At the 60 minute mark she still hasn’t answered the first question.  My runner hasn’t been by to check if we need anything, I can’t leave or send my monitor for help, I can’t force her to answer the questions, I don’t need this freaking headache that’s forming behind my eyes…

One kid in the middle of the room raises his hand.  I walk over and ask, in a quiet voice, what he needs.

“I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Sorry Johnny, nobody leaves the room until all the tests are completed.”

April is sitting in the front so nearly everyone can see her monitor.  They know who the hold-up is.  Rumblings begin.  April looks around and realizes that she is quickly becoming public enemy number 1.  She starts clicking and finishes the test in about 2 minutes.

Its crap like this that makes these high stakes test so frustrating.  In my state, at least, the students have no consequences for doing bad.  The test doesn’t count on their grade, it makes no difference as to graduation. 

No child left behind, my ass.