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I have two sections of geometry this year, with a total of 66 kids.

I gave an assignment yesterday.

Today, 65 of the 66 kids turned in the work.

Harbinger of things to come? I can only hope…

Our school district doesn’t have a “dress code” for teachers, we are expected to dress professionally and appropriately for the workplace.

During a meeting yesterday a teacher came up to me while I was sitting at a table and said her principal had told her that her blouse was inappropriate for the classroom. She asked me, “What about this is bad?”

I slid my legal pad to her side of the table and asked her to write down her name and which principal had spoken with her. She bent over to write. Ohhhhh. Now I understand.

I told her, “I think I may see the problem. You’re wearing a lacy pink half cup bra with front hooks. You have a mole on the left one that you might want to have a doctor look at. I can actually see your belly button ring from here. I think your principal might be right on this one.”

She said, “I teach first graders, do you really think they’re going to look?”


Kids show up tomorrow at 7:50 am. I’m not ready for this. I have two sections of Geometry, 33 students in each class. My room can fit 28 desks. Wooty-woot-woot.

I’m back. Keep it quiet, I don’t want my RL peeps to know… Not only am I still in the classroom, but now I’m also the president of the local teacher’s union. If you think students can give me funny things to talk about, you’ll really enjoy some of the dumbass things teachers do and say…

These are actual emails that I received at work today with the number of students affected in paranthesis:

Please excuse the following for today and Friday to participate in the Jazz Festival (48)
Please excuse the following boys for today and Friday for soccer tournament (23)
Please excuse the following girls for today and Friday for soccer tournament (19)
Please excuse the following students for third and fourth period Friday for NHS (75)
Please excuse the following students to help with the blood drive Friday (17)
Please excuse the following students to donate blood Friday (various times, but 2.5 hours each) (55)
Please excuse the following girls for softball tournament Friday (27)
Please excuse the following for today and Friday for state science fair (6)
Please excuse the following the track meet on Friday (21)
Please excuse the following Friday for field trip to ________ (16)
Please excuse the following Friday to attend DARE assembly at the middle school (15)
Please excuse the following for baseball game on Friday (29)
Please excuse the following on Friday for Chamber of Commerce Youth meeting (17)
Please excuse the following on Friday for Peer counseling training (25)

393 students excused on Friday. We have 1470 students.

Its a good thing we don’t have state tests in three weeks…

Oh, thats right, we do.

Good luck to us.


I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I’m the webmaster for my school’s website. I’ve been told by central administration to update the website. So, I have been.

For the library page I found a really nice banner. It is a picture of a library stack taken from one end with the perspective fading away. There’s a nice golden globe on the right and the word ‘Library’ in the lower left. Nice header. I was pleased as I put the banner on the page Friday.

Within 5 minutes, no exaggeration, I received an email from the librarian.

Please change the library webpage back to the way it was.

So I emailed her back and told her that I was told to update the page. Almost an instant return email.

Well, you can’t use this. Change it to something else.

I emailed her back and told her that I’d be more than happy to come up on my planning period Monday and look at some other options.

You have to change it now. I don’t want people seeing it over the weekend and sending letters to the newspaper.

So I emailed her back and asked her what the problem was.

Its inappropriate. That was the entire email.

I told her that I didn’t understand what the problem was and I’d see her on Monday. I went back and looked at the picture to figure out what was wrong. I couldn’t figure it out. She sent me another email.

The overall picture is great, but some of the books aren’t.

Hmmm. I looked closer. Then I saw it. One the end of the stack was a book with the title on the spine. If you looked reallllllllllllly close you could read it. “Encyclopedia of Islam”. And that offended her. I left the header alone and asked 5 or 6 other people what they thought of it. Nobody said anything. I came home and showed it to everybody in the family. Nobody could find anything wrong. I showed it to the principal and the head assistant principal today. They saw nothing wrong. When I pointed out what the librarian had a problem with they agreed with her and made me crop it out.

Teach tolerance? Not in this part of the country.

Somebody I’m very close to just found out she’s gonna be a grandma again. Its bad enough being married to a grandma, now she’s gonna have two of ’em…

Weekly weigh-in:


down three pounds this week.


I gave a Geometry test today. 62 students. 17 turned their test in blank. Didn’t even attempt a single problem. When I was in school my parents would have kicked my ass if I had done that. Most of these parents will somehow blame me.