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Daily Archives: September 22nd, 2009

I just finished watching the biggest loser.

I used to be a much larger guy myself, so you would think maybe I’d be less judgemental?

But really, if the girls have to wear a sports bra when they weigh in so should those guys. I mean, c’mon…

and if any cares, i’m personally down to 252

I got to work this morning a little after 7 am. The wall my Promethean Board is mounted on, the wall the kids face, where I teach, is a common wall with the room that holds the hvac system for the building. For some reason, when we get a lot of rain, and we received 4.5 inches yesterday, water seeps in under my wall into my room. I notified the office at 7:10 and I heard her radio the custodial staff that I had water in my room.

Classes begin at 8:15. Plenty of time you would think…

The bell rings, my 32 kids file in and take their seats. The custodial staff has not shown up yet. I start teaching. I’m giving the most exciting and interesting lecture about biconditional statements you’ve ever heard. I have the kids on the edge of their seats, eating out of the palm of my hand.

About 8:40 my door opens and the janitor comes in dragging the water vac. He walks right down my center aisle, I’m still teaching. He stops right in front of the Promethean board, bends over, plugs in the water vac and starts sucking up water.

While I’m still talking…