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I usually avoid the PUBLIC restroom at school and use the faculty restroom, but today I didn’t think I’d make it so I duck into the boys room.

There are two young men who seem startled that a teacher walked in and they were heading for the door in a hurry. I notice something on the floor near the wall they were standing by…

A pair of dice and cash…

When they saw I saw they bolted.

I’m too old to chase them so I just pocketed the cash (six bucks, lunch is paid for today) and sent an email to the principal…


  1. Nothing wrong with shooting dice..i would have gotten in on it…25 percent to the house…..zman sends

    100% cut when they ran… 🙂

  2. I sense a probability project in this. “What’s the chance of hitting your spot?”

  3. Did you get to keep the dice too?

    dice that have been rolled on a men’s room floor… no… i left them right there 😉

  4. SCORE!! 😉

  5. classic… “I just pocketed the cash.”

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