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E-mail from a teacher today:

You told us we got a step and a half raise this year. I only got $80.

Okay, what step are you on? She told me. Okay this is your salary this year, this was your salary last year. That’s $1050.00.

I still have my paystub from last August. My August check this year is only $80 more than last year.

(really folks, I don’t make this chit up…)

Well, if you divide $1050 by 12 thats $87. I’m guessing the missing $7 is taxes…

So you’re telling me I have to divide my raise by 12?


(that’s the actual results when you repeatedly bang your head on a keyboard)


  1. She must not be a edumucaateded math teacher.

    (that’s the actual result when you let your teenager type for you.)

  2. OMFG!!! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who works with idiots! 😉

  3. Math is hard.

  4. Amazing!

    You only lose 7/87 of the raise to taxes? Low bracket, lots of dependents (hope not, with those math skills), or a low state tax state?

    I am astounded.

  5. jd2718: they’re public school teachers. Of course it’s a low bracket.

  6. I’m public school, and I lose over 30% of any increment to taxes…

  7. Oh my. That’s just sad.

  8. Try not to hurt yourself. I hope that wasn’t a math teacher.

  9. I just discovered a new idiot at my school.

    I’m afraid we’ve been invaded.

  10. I have to say, you are incredibly funny.

    This post made me laugh and laugh.

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