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A teacher comes to school today. While checking her mailbox she mentions to another teacher that she woke up with a headache and a little sick to her stomach.

A secretary overhears the conversation and tells the assistant principal.

The assistant principal goes to the teacher’s room and tells her to go home.

Perplexed the teacher asks, “Why?”

She’s told that if she feels sick she needs to go home. She insists that while she woke up and didn’t feel 100%, after a shower, a cup of coffee and toast she’s fine now.

The assistant principal says he doesn’t care how she feels now, if she woke up sick she needs to go home. “You never know if you got the swine flu.”


  1. “Hey, I feel fine too. Can I go home?”

  2. Hmmmmm? Interesting idea. Swine flue?

  3. Wow. Who knew the CDC planted spies in a faculty-mailroom?

  4. I’m going to be sure to mention my headache and general “icky” feeling while I swipe in tomorrow. They don’t need to know it’s caused solely by walking in the front door of that Hell-Hole! 😉

  5. And we were told to conserve our sick days this year… budget issues. I’d love to be at that place!

  6. Hey I feel sick right now..i guess i will stay home from work tomorow..oh wait i just tired……..who the asst principal ..the surgeon general hahahahahhahaha…zman sends

  7. I was waiting for the ‘I’m pregnant’ punchline. That’s quite an assumption he made there. haha!

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