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Kids show up tomorrow at 7:50 am. I’m not ready for this. I have two sections of Geometry, 33 students in each class. My room can fit 28 desks. Wooty-woot-woot.


  1. Good luck and try not to make anyone cry the first day. (Well, only the ones who deserve it.)

  2. Wow, can’t believe you guys are all ready back to work! We don’t start until Aug 24th.

    Good luck. Maybe they will level out your classes so they won’t be so big.

  3. 28 seats and 33 kids–sounds like a NYC school (except there would be more than 33 kids in class)

  4. Sounds like my room. I have 25 students in a room with 24 seats, not to mention the 17 kids that are on my list and haven’t shown up yet! Good luck tomorrow!

  5. Dude. Really? You’re from Oklahoma….I can’t believe you haven’t figured out the solution to your problem.

    Stack ’em like cordwood.

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