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I gave a Geometry test today. 62 students. 17 turned their test in blank. Didn’t even attempt a single problem. When I was in school my parents would have kicked my ass if I had done that. Most of these parents will somehow blame me.


  1. 17? Good Grief . . .

    That makes me sick at my stomach just thinking about that many 0’s.

  2. WTF? I can’t imagine EVER doing that as a student! I would kick my son’s butt if he ever pulled a stunt like this, by the way. 😉

  3. When you tell ’em about their grades, feel free to use the line from the Will Smith song: “So many zeros on my check, it’s like Oooooooooooooooooo!!”


  4. I have a few that I have to chase down because they will take their blank test with them. I make them but their names on a blank test and turn it in, no one s going to blame me for losing them!

    I recently had one in my college class do this. It is shocking!

  5. In some school districts, that would give them a 50% since they have a no fail policy, one that gives them effort grades. Sad for our future, I might say.

  6. I got so ticked off at the lackadaisical attitude of my 95 freshman that I put 28 on referal (the bad list). The paperwork took about an hour out of my day. I’m still not sure who was punished. Only 10 lifted an eyebrow and asked what they could do about it. I wanted to yell – try doing some homework, bring a book and a pen to class, take notes….

  7. I suppose they asked for a re-take?

  8. Pfft. I hand them the tests back, and make them try the problems.

    I HAVE been known to make them stay after the bell, instead of handing in blank test. And the tests are their exit tickets – no one gets out without handing me one.

    But then I’m evil – just ask my students!

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