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Daily Archives: February 12th, 2009

That strange noise you hear? It’s me banging my head on the table.

In our PLC meeting this morning…

Okay, let me backtrack. If you are an educator you may be aware of the newest fad sweeping the nation, Professional Learning Communities. Basically it is a weekly meeting of a group of teachers to discuss ways to improve instruction. Back in the day we called this LUNCH. Now, however, we take 45 minutes of instruction time every week to hold these oh so important meetings.

Today’s meeting. The district math coach is telling us about how she has found a great website with dozen of links to other great websites. She passes out a printed copy of the site she’s talking about.

Sure enough, there are maybe 35 links listed on the sheet. Links. No URL’s. Just the link. And the URL for the original page? Nowhere on the handout.

I believe in modeling the behavior I expect in class, so I raised my hand. She acknowledged me and I asked her what we’re suppose to do with this.

She said, in a sarcastic tone, “They’re links. You click on them and they take you to another website.”


So I took my pen and started poking the paper. Loudly. And each time I did it I said, “Click. Click. It ain’t workin. Click.”