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I’ve figured out to solve so many of the problems in my school.

There are 5 assistant principals. We only need 4. The 5th one was the principal at another school here in town, but he pissed of the super and got canned. He’s definitely the best one we’ve got, and he’s the “principal in waiting,” unofficially of course. All of them have been in administration for 15+ years.

So here’s my idea. Each year rotate one of the APs back into the classroom for a year. Still pay them their admin salary, that’s okay with me, but remind them on a regular basis what its like to be in the room.

Of course, that makes too much sense, so it will never be tried.



    (can we do the same with guidance counselors?)

  2. i vote yes! our head principal was never in a classroom, i would like to see him survive a week, a day, ha an hour. I agree with the above on guidance counselors!

  3. Best idea, I’ve heard in a long time. But you’re right. . . it makes way too much sense for it to ever happen.

  4. You are BRILLIANT!!! Now, if it actually happens, I’ll eat my hat…

  5. Once upon a time in NYC, all APs who supervised teachers taught a class. I know of schools where this still happens. I know a large school where the principal teaches one. There should be more.


  6. How many students do you have at your school to get 5 APs? We have 428 with 1 AP.

  7. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t even take an entire year. Stick ’em in there for 2 weeks.

    But make sure those 2 weeks include picture day, pre-registration, registration, state testing, emergency lockdowns, wild swings in the barometric pressure, and throw in a couple of pep rallies for good measure.

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