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Daily Archives: February 10th, 2009

I’m at the gym working out this afternoon. I’ve been thinking about paying the money to get some personal training sessions. There are 5 trainers at my gym you can choose from. In the time I’ve been there I’ve watched them work with clients. 4 of them don’t impress me, they either don’t seem fit themselves or they seem bored and distracted while they’re working with their clients. 1 guy seems to know what he’s doing. He’s energetic and when he’s with a client he gives them his full attention.

While I was walking away the miles on the treadmill he was working with a lady today. I decided when I got done I was going to talk to him about setting up a program. He was behind the desk when I got done. I was walking up to the desk to talk to him and he said, “You don’t miss many days do you?” I said no, I try not to. Then he says, “I can tell. You’re looking good.”

Well, if I’m looking good doing what I’m doing, I’ll save my money…