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I missed the gym three days in a row this week due to late, and I mean late, nights at school, but still had 4 90 minute plus workouts.

Have kicked the 4 cans a day soda habit. Increased fruit and veggie intake. Cut out potato chips completely. No candy at all this week. Only had red meat once this week. Even added fresh fish to the menu (the orange roughy last night was delicious!). Small portions at meals and no seconds.

Gained another pound.




  1. Welcome to the hell that is dieting.

  2. Hrm. Do you have a trainer you can talk to at the gym when you go next? Sounds like something is amiss. Despite the gain, I would still stay on the healthy eats, because in the long run they won’t cause major health problems like the bad food will.

  3. Yeah, what Sue said. 🙂

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