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Call it a mid-life crisis, call it what you will, but I’m wanting to get a tattoo.

And being a geek, I’m going with a math theme.  I’ve narrowed the search down to three.

 Upper arm with my wife's name in the infinity symbol / mobius strip    

Upper arm with my wife’s name in the mobius strip             

Upper arm.

Third idea, just the numbers wrapped around the upper arm like the barbwire tats you see, maybe three spirals around.

Some people I’ve expressed this wish to have implied that as a role model for children getting a tat would be irresponsi ble.  I don’t know.

Choice 1, choice 2, choice 3, or skip it all together?

Opinions welcome.



  1. Hm, I think they are all a little precious, but if I had to pick one, I’d go with #3.

    My only good tat idea is to get the delta/epsilon definition of a limit around my arm or ankle in the tribal/barb wire fashion. I will never go through with this.

  2. Mid Life Crisis – we do things to validate our lives or makes us feel young again get us back to OUR GLORY days..if you dont have a Tat by now dont get one. The mid life crisis thing will a bike or new car…build a room in your house that is man town..something like that…Tats are forever!!..let is pass..Zman sends

  3. I kinda like the numbers and the pi sign… different. I got my tat almost ten years ago. I got it on my shoulder so I can cover it when I feel like it’s a distraction. Unless you get it on your forehead, the little tykes need not know you have it. Now, if you got the nips pierced that could be a problem… shows through your shirt.

  4. I guess getting a tat is only a bad example for kids if you believe tats are a bad thing. Do I believe kids should get them? No. I think you’re setting a good example by choosing to get a permanent marking at an age when you understand what permanence means. Get one if you want one. It has nothing to do with youth, but with self expression. I got mine at the rebellious age of 27.

    I recommend letting the tattoo artist create something for you. Tell them you’re a math guy with an affinity for Pi, and see what they come up with. In my experience, that’s how the best tattoos come to be.

  5. Look at the clothes on the person with the circle of numbers on the arm; does that look like a person with taste?

  6. I have a tattoo on my foot. Its an outline of an apple with the pi symbol in it.


  7. I vote for the first one. Tattoos are addicting. Watch out, you’ll want another one after this. They are a great expression of art. My back is full of them – one for every member of my family (my design, their color choices and enhancements). Go for it!

  8. First one looks cool. Though e^{i \pi} - 1 = 0 … nah, yours is better.


  9. I would go with the first one. I love math too and that tat is my fav. As for being a role model, if it is on the upper arm, shirts can hide it if you want.

  10. I’m planning on getting a reverse-image Julia Set done for a tattoo hopefully this summer. Suitably geeky, but also pleasing to the art-side of me.

    As for your three choiced, I like the first, but I would probably go with phi instead of pi

  11. Agree with Aimee. It depends on why you are getting the tat and how big/where you get it. Unfortunately there are negative stereotypes attached to having them. Putting it in a place you can cover it during work would be a good idea. Like the first one but the spiral one is cool too but looks like it may be too big to cover up.

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