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As you may know from a previous post, I joined a gym last week.  I also started keeping a food diary.

I have been to the gym every day since I joined.  I’ve done a minimum of 25 minutes on the bike, 45 minutes on the treadmill, and 30 minutes on strength training every day.  

Every day.

When you write down everything  that goes in your mouth, you really start to think about what you’re eating.   Potato chips?  No, raw cabbage.  Fries with my hamburger?  No, baby carrots.  I haven’t had a soda in 6 days.  I was drinking 4 cans of coke a day.  That’s a lot of empty calories.  No more.   I’m drinking in excess of a gallon of water a day.

I’m proud of myself and stepped on the scale this morning in anticipation.

I gained 5 pounds this week.

What the hell?



  1. It’s a conspiracy… “THEY” are putting something in the water.

    Just chant ‘muscle weighs more than fat, muscle weighs more than fat.’ You’re just buffing up.

  2. I think you should sue.


    I’m not sure who….but….somebody.


  3. Keep that up and it’ll come down over time. All kinds of little stuff can affect you in one week.

    I should start writing that stuff down, too.


  4. I can so identify with you on your diet journey. I’ve been on my own and it is not easy. I’ve made up my mind not to weigh until I’ve been on my diet for 6 weeks though. I get too discouraged by the scale and I’m afraid if i stepped on and saw a weight gain of 5 pounds like you did, I’d say “the hell with it” and go on an eating spree that might not stop for days. For now, I’ve just successfully completed week four and I feel I’m making progress. We’ll find out in two more weeks.

  5. Just keep plugging along. That number will swing the other way very soon. The gain could be from any number of things. Like Tara said, muscle weighs more than fat. Also, if you’re using [abusing? ;-)] muscles you haven’t used in a while, lactic acid builds up in the muscles, and causes swelling and fluid retention. Just keep up the awesome work, you’ll see results soon 🙂

  6. It’s muscle weight. One of the first things a trainer told me is that when you first start any kind of muscle training (treadmills work the legs), you gain muscle weight before you lose fat. Don’t worry, five pounds is a normal amount for this to happen. 🙂 You should started to lose inches soon, because that’s what you’re after. 🙂

  7. I live and work in Hampton Roads in Virginia , last week there was a snow day with NO SNOW ON THE GROUND..I swear look it up…Pilot Online…Funny Post about losing weight you go lance armstrong hahahah good luck keep at it…Zman sends

  8. It’s all that water! You’re drinking 8 pounds of it daily!

    Don’t feel discouraged. Have someone take your measurements and focus on losing inches, not pounds. When your clothes don’t fit as snugly as they used to, you know you’re getting fit even when the scale shocks you on a weekly basis.

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