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Monthly Archives: January 2009

i broke down and upgraded my cell.  camera and full keyboard.

i spent a couple hours sunday trying to figure out all the bells and whistles.  finally gave up.  asked my kids today in my AP Stats class for help.  I’m a cell phone stud now.

these kids are good for something after all.


apparently, according to my dashboard, that last post was my 100th.

if i had known i had a milestone approaching i wouldn’t have waited 3 months to post…

as the kids say on my tests, idk.

time just flies anymore.  with the new grandbaby, who, due to circumstances beyond his parents control, is living with us (along with his parents, but really, he’s the only who matters…) and 120+ adopted kids who i’m trying to teach a little math to, well, blogging got pushed down the priority list. 

i still follow some of the blogs on my blog roll (hello cuz, hello ms. h) but i just haven’t had the energy to post.  in fact, when i clicked the link to write this post, they changed the whole freakin’ dashboard.  it reminded me of the time i went to visit my parents in the hills of tennessee once.  mom needed to go to the grocery store so we took my car.  when we got out of their ‘neighborhood’ and to the main road mom said, “lookit that, they paved the road.”  when we got back to the house she asked my brother when they worked on the road and he said, “about 4 months ago.”  my brother and sister would call and get their groceries and stuff.  mom and dad didn’t get out much…


i’ve missed posting.  the last few days i’ve felt the urge and i’ve questioned why.

and again, idk.

i guess its a way to vent, to let off steam.  my mom always told me that sometimes its good to write a letter to someone who has made you mad, or screwed you over, or whatever, and then tear it up, don’t send it.  i suppose this is the same thing, except i don’t have to tear it up, ’cause  most of you have no idea who the hell i am.


i had a small coke at the high school basketball game tonight, and since i’m getting so damn old the caffeine has me wired.  if i’m still on your reader, or you still check around here every now and again, i think i’m back.  we’ll see…

and, if nobody is reading this, who cares?



and for those of you who read this far and aren’t in education, idk is shorthand for ‘i don’t know’