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3rd consecutive snow day.

We now, however, will be in school into June.

Oh well…


  1. Since the last day here in Chitown used to be around June 25th, it’s hard to muster up a little sympathy. 😉 Plus, we NEVER get snow days. EVER!!!! Even Obama joked about it last night. I would be happy to have a day or two in the dead of winter as snow days, even if it meant an extra day or two in June. As far as the “used to” thing – a couple of years ago, it was decided by the powers that be to extend the school day by 15 minutes in order to shorten the school year by about 8 days. Works for us!! 😛

  2. We had quite a few snow days last year. We all thought that we were okay because we have “snow days” built into the calendar but when the calendar was made the year before our superintendent took the extra days out, with out school board permission. When we found out in April that we would have to go to school extra days, we were peeved to say the least. Thinking that you have extra days and finding out late in the game that you don’t, that is a bad feeling. I am glad you know ahead of time.

  3. I hope this won’t affect your Spring Break.

  4. Ick.

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