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I’ve been trying to write a post to vent my anger at the absolute stupidity of the administration at my school for the last 30 minutes.

I can’t.

I’ve started over 4 times.

I guess I’m just going to have to go indulge in some adult beverages.  I promise not to drive.


  1. I drink to that! I’m headed out the door to partake in some beverages myself at my favorite Happy Hour spot. I will drink one for you and your asinine administration.

    I do hope that the adult beverages help the words begin to flow, because now my curiosity is up.

  2. Aha!!! You DO work at my school!!!!

  3. You’re a much better person than I am. When I find myself in your position, I just let my fingers fly, and all my “colorful” language takes center stage on my blog. I probably shouldn’t expose my potty mouth to the world, huh? But, I do always feel better afterward 😉

  4. But will you come back and tell us how you really feel. We won’t rat you out to the admins.

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