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My school encouraged all teachers to let the students watch the inauguration today.  All day.  The whole thing.  It is important to watch as history is being made.

Okay.  I agree, this is an important event.  An event that should be witnessed.  I don’t know how I can tie it into a math lesson, so we’ll just watch so someday these kids can tell their grandchildren about it.

Right smack dab in the middle of President Obama’s speech the P.A. system crackeled to life.

Somebody picked that moment to tell teachers that the photo schedule for clubs to get their yearbook pictures were in our boxes.  It was also important to tell the students that large posters had been placed in all the main hallways with the same schedule posted.

And then they repeated the entire announcement.


  1. Gee, I thought my school was the only one full of idiots who make random announcements all damn day!

  2. wow, figures

  3. Classic!

  4. *heh* When I found out that we were going to be watching the inauguration (only the actual oaths and speech) I switched my lesson plans around.

    I taught ratios and proportions to my 7th graders. We guessed at how many people were going to attend… and about how many portapotties per person, etc would be needed… and figured out and solved proportions.

    The kids were a bit wierded out by the whole portapotty thing, but REALLY got into the whole ‘what do you need for a crowd this size’ thing, looking into background setup. Made for a good proportion lesson too.

    (Got the idea from an article about how they had to truck in ‘facilities’ to accomidate the expected crowds… 😛 )

  5. Whoever directed and made the announcement should be called on the carpet for one reason…that was one of the most historical moments in US History and should have been givin the respect for which it deserves. Please tell that person for me THEY ARE AN wonder kids dont get it sometimes…Zman sends

  6. Even MY students were into the ceremony (I only let them watch about 30 minutes and turned the TV off under protest after the second or third speech past the oath. I told them if it was that important to them, they could watch the taped copy the library was offering. Funny; nobody checked it out! They think I was born yesterday…

    P.S. Was that an ASHTRAY I saw sitting next to Obama? That was weird.

  7. Wow.

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