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My wife and I and a teacher friend and her husband are relaxing and de-compressing at the watering hole last night when I noticed a table across the room.

6 young people.  Young enough to be in high school.  Actually, they are in high school.  4 of them are in my classes.

No.  This is unacceptable.  I deal with the little bastards enough at work.  They aren’t going to take over my roadhouse…

While my friend goes to tell the management their bouncer isn’t looking close enough at IDs I manage to sneak up on them without being noticed.

“Don’t y’all have homework to do?”

Scared the bejeezus out of ’em. 

Between seeing me and the three bouncers headed their way, they abandoned their pitcher and practically ran out the door.

I hope they tell the rest of the school that particular karaoke bar is off limits.


  1. Get ’em Deputy!!!

  2. That is HILARIOUS!!

    When I was a senior in high school, my girlfriends finally were able to convince me to let them doctor my ID (Back in the day, you could easily change your birthdate with a grease pencil! At least in IL.) and we went to a local bar. As we were walking in and getting carded, I look up to see the new student gym teacher/coach sitting at the bar with friends. It’s not like he didn’t know us, as we dealt with him daily at school. I seriously almost peed myself! He gave us a goofy smile and head nod, and we walked to the back of the bar and sat at a table. I had hardly gotten my heart rate back to normal, when I waitress walks over with a tray of drinks “from the gentleman at the bar.” OK, I guess in his defense, we were 18 and he was probably all of 21-22 himself. When we saw him the next day at school, all of us acted like it never happened. To this day, my friends and I laugh about this “twilight zone” night.

  3. Ohh… that will traumatize them for a loooog time. bwahahaha!

  4. Unbelievable. Good for you.

  5. mfft hahaha!

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