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In my first period class today two girls came over to my desk just before the bell rang.  They asked me if I could make sure that if I’m ever gone I don’t get the same substitute teacher that they had in Spanish class yesterday.

I asked them why.

They told me that the teacher had left a lesson plan and an assignment for them to work on in class.  The sub instead showed them a movie, Horton Hears A Who.  While the movie was running they said he lectured the class on how the movie was really about abortion.  He would stop the movie to explain the point the that was trying to be made and then try to start a discussion about abortion, how it was murder and against God’s laws.

They said at one point he was yelling at them and so stressed out his face was turning red and the cords in his neck were standing out.

I guess $55 per day doesn’t buy as good a quality substitute as it used to.


  1. Unbelievable. . .this post leaves me speechless. This is why I drag my sick butt to school everyday unless I am dying.

    i always figure that me in the class at 10% is better than a sub at 100%. besides, one of them probably gave me what i’ve got, maybe i can give it back.

  2. Wow! Usually it’s the kids’ behavior you worry about, not the substitute’s!!

    apparently with the downturn in the economy the school district has picked up a lot of people who want to sub. and apparently if they can pass the ‘criminal’ background check, that’s good enough

  3. I complained about a parent today on my blog. Thank God we had the day off today (due to extreme temps and windchill). Should be easy to make it through Friday 🙂 I wonder if your student will come back and admit he was wrong?

    students are never wrong. not in my district.

  4. Oh. My.

    I once had a sub for two days and she showed movies ALL DAY LONG. The kids were in tears when I got back. I asked why they didn’t do any of the work I left, and they were like, “We tried! But we couldn’t concentrate because there was always a movie on!”. Apparently she had never subbed for an elementary class and didn’t realize that her “techniques” wouldn’t work. She told my coworker she would never take a job with third graders again.

    I thought that was bad. Now I realize I was fortunate that she didn’t lecture them on abortion. Lucky kids. (?!)

    the district’s handbook for subs, which i have actually seen, suggests that subs bring a ‘G’ rated movie with them just in case the teacher doesn’t leave a lesson. of course, it is easier to pop that tape in than to use the lesson. guess how many lessons get completed?

  5. jebus. You’d think with the secular movement underfoot that somebody’s parent would have objected to the, ahem, preaching.

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