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Daily Archives: January 15th, 2009

In my first period class today two girls came over to my desk just before the bell rang.  They asked me if I could make sure that if I’m ever gone I don’t get the same substitute teacher that they had in Spanish class yesterday.

I asked them why.

They told me that the teacher had left a lesson plan and an assignment for them to work on in class.  The sub instead showed them a movie, Horton Hears A Who.  While the movie was running they said he lectured the class on how the movie was really about abortion.  He would stop the movie to explain the point the that was trying to be made and then try to start a discussion about abortion, how it was murder and against God’s laws.

They said at one point he was yelling at them and so stressed out his face was turning red and the cords in his neck were standing out.

I guess $55 per day doesn’t buy as good a quality substitute as it used to.