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i broke down and upgraded my cell.  camera and full keyboard.

i spent a couple hours sunday trying to figure out all the bells and whistles.  finally gave up.  asked my kids today in my AP Stats class for help.  I’m a cell phone stud now.

these kids are good for something after all.


  1. I’ve had my cell phone for more than two years and still don’t know how to activate the voice mail feature… or half the other gee-haws on it. My kid has to save me when I do something stupid and can’t make it work right. I feel your pain.

    the phone i traded in was three+ years old. the guy at the store was excited. he said he was gonna take it and use it for a ‘lake’ phone. i asked what that was and he said it was a phone you don’t care if you lose…

  2. I had to do the same thing! They showed me my cell phone and how to operate my IPOD. They didn’t even open a manual.

  3. I’m still behind you on that. haha.

  4. I should log out… this is Sue from Beggar’s Shot Glass. Forgot I was logged into my wordpress account. DUH. Sheesh.

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