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a student who missed all of last week asked me today if she had to make up the work she missed.

i told her “of course.”

she wanted to know when she was supposed learn the material.

i told her i’m in my room at 7 every morning and stay an hour after school every day.

“i have to come in on my own time to learn this crap?”

uh, yeah.

shriekingly she told me, “it isn’t my fault i got sick last week.  i shouldn’t have to make up that work.  i’m going to appeal to the superintendent.”

go ahead sweety.  i hope you win…


  1. She must be related to the college sophomore who missed his group presentation because his girlfriend was so upset when she had to have her cat put to sleep. Life is just so…unpredictable and not my fault.

    never my fault. the mantra of this generation

  2. Oh Boy story of my life, blame your problems on someone else kids!

    I think I would have told her if that is how she felt about it she did have to learn the crap at all, it really is her choice but remember there are consequences for your actions, like FAILURE!

    Ok maybe I wount’t say that but I sure would think it!

    i tell them all the time, i’m not your daddy, if you want to fail, then fail.

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