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Remember the kid who asked me to wear his jersey?

He dropped out of school today.

Sometimes this job just sucks.


  1. sorry 😦

    hope they come around.

  2. I’m so sorry. Maybe he’ll come around…maybe he’ll come to you for advice. I’ll pray for both.

  3. That really does suck. So sorry about this.

  4. Yeah sorry to hear that. Its like that kid last year you cant reach all of them. Hopefully he will see the error of ways and make his way back. Keep pressin with the ones that are their…they need your help…Zman

  5. I’m feeling you on the disappointment and frustration. I had a kid like that this year…and on Friday, his dad (single parent with 4 kids) called ten minutes before the last bell and said they had moved and the kid wouldn’t be coming back. I was devastated. Like, NOW who is going to love on this kid? Just when we were getting somewhere…so hard. I hope jersey-boy comes back!!

  6. hey chalk you can only do your best but hey even if you lose one you still got the others

  7. Ugh. Sorry man.

  8. Just popping in to check up on you. Is everything okay??

  9. Chalkdust…just stoppin by to see how the classroom wars and staple wars are going…Zman sends

  10. Hi!

    It would suck more if you weren’t a teacher. You seem like a teacher who actually cares and that’s really valuable. Even though you get disappointed when things don’t work out for some kids, maybe you were one reason he stayed as long as he did. Maybe because of you, one day he’ll go back to school.

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