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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Today the powers-that-be decided another way to save energy money is to remove every other lightbulb from the bathrooms.

Their reasoning?

It will save money and discourage kids from hanging out in the bathroom longer than necessary.

I remember my high school days.  It would discourage me from going into the bathroom at all…

A word problem for the real world:

Johnny’s science class has devoted the last 4 weeks to practice drills for the state-mandated reading test.  If he takes 2 end-of-instruction tests over the next 3 days how many Disney videos will he see over the last 2 weeks of school?

Somebody call the President.  My school administration has discovered the solution to the energy crisis.

We got an email today:

Due to high energy costs all personnel must turn off all screen savers.  Set your screen saver to “none”.  Thank you for your continued help in our efforts to save money.

Now my first reaction was, this has got to be a joke.

No.  The IT guy was serious.

With 1500 computers district-wide that’s gotta save us what, $0.02 per month?

 As I’m taking roll in my 7th period class I hear a young lady mention that she has Mr. E for English 6th period.  Mr. E teaches English III (juniors) and English IV (seniors).  This young lady is listed as a sophomore on my roll.  The following conversation then took place:

Me:  You have Mr. E for English?
Her:  Yes.
Me:  English three?
Her:  Yes.
Me:  I thought you were a sophomore?
Her:  I am.
Me:  But you’re in English three?
Her:  Yes.
Me:  (in a whisper)  Oh, were you a sophomore last year too?
Her:  No, I was a freshman.
Me:  Did you take English two as a freshman?
Her:  No.
Me:  (puzzled look)
Her:  I had English one.
Me:  (continued puzzled look)
Her:  I’m in English one this year too.
Me:  (new puzzled look)  Why?
Her:  I failed English one last year.
Me:  And the counselor put you in English three?
Her:  Yes.
Me:  Didn’t you think that might not be right?
Her:  I figured the counselor knew what she was doing.
Me:  (smiling knowingly)  Well…

So I told Mr. E about it after school.  His response?


I can’t put it here.  Children might be reading this…