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Mom and Dad enter my room.

“Good morning, I’m Mr. W, who do you belong to?”

“Our son is B.H.”

“Great.  B is one  of the  good ‘uns, have a seat and we’ll talk.”

Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada.

Dad says, “We got that letter you sent home about B being tardy.  He says that 5 minutes isn’t  long enough to get from his third period to your fourth period.  Is there something we can do about that?”

I reply, “Really?  He doesn’t have enough time?  Follow me.”

We go out into the hall.  I point at a door that is maybe, on the outer edge of my estimate, 20 feet from my room.

“That is B’s third period class.”

Dad, “Wellllllll now.  I guess we got something to talk about tonight.”

I bet he isn’t tardy anymore…


  1. K. a few things..
    Wasnt it a year ago that you were totally frustrated by a student that was not doing anything!!!!and now you are wearing his jersey ….Dont cheerleaders usually wear football players jerseys….are not cheerleaders usually young females..there is a reason she wears the jersey….school sure has changed since I went…have not seen the you tube video will keep looking……Zman sends

  2. hi M — well done!!!! that made me grin! take care, beany 🙂

  3. It sounds a tad diabolical, and petty, but don’tcha just love it when you catch the little cherubs in the “act”?

    BTW, don’t forget my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes tomorrow–I’ve got a sweet snap for ya. Remember, it’s all about Sharing the Caption Love!

  4. You gotta love visual aids. I would have loved to be in on that family ‘coming to Jesus’ meeting. HA!

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