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Our gym is set up with two levels of seating on each side of the court.  During pep assemblies the upper level on the west side is for freshmen and the lower level is for juniors.  The upper level on the east side is for sophomores and the lower level is for seniors.  Yesterday afternoon was the homecoming queen coronation assembly.  My duty station is on the stairs on the east side.

Halfway through a fight broke out in the junior section.  It turned into a big fight.  Security and teachers swarmed the area.  About the time they got that under control another fight broke out in the sophomore section.  My duty partner and I headed into that melee.  A kid took a swing at me and I defended myself.  A quick jab, a head-lock and a body slam.  Before we re-gained control there were 6 or 7 other fights that broke out.  1600+ kids with 92 teachers and 4 campus cops, we were pretty outnumbered.  It was ugly.

It turns out most of the student body saw my altercation.  The word is out, Mr. W don’t take no crap, he’ll take you out.  Some of my hard-ass kids looked at me a little different.  I hope it was a bit more respect, and not trying to size up their chances.

I’m told it was captured on cell phones and is on youtube.  If you happen to see it, I’m the big bald guy in the red shirt…


  1. If it’s there I can’t find it, but I did find the news video (which didn’t show a big bald guy in red, only a bald guy in white). They are treating it as a riot? Wow.

    If you read the news story on our local paper, and then look at the picture gallery, you can see my bald face in the bottom of a pile with kids all around watching…

  2. Wow. That’s incredible. I so would have run in the other direction. How often do you have assemblies with that many kids in attendance? I’m impressed.

  3. So you’re a celebrity now? Trust that I’m going to keep reminding you “I knew you when”!!

  4. I’m intrigued. I need to do some YouTube surfing.

  5. OMG! Well, that’s what you get for pepping them up I guess!! We don’t have pep rallies over here.

    Loz in Oz

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