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Today the powers-that-be decided another way to save energy money is to remove every other lightbulb from the bathrooms.

Their reasoning?

It will save money and discourage kids from hanging out in the bathroom longer than necessary.

I remember my high school days.  It would discourage me from going into the bathroom at all…



  1. hahaha, ew.

    It would be better if they switched all the lightbulbs to the energy efficient flourescent bulbs instead of taking some out.

  2. If my kid came home and said there were no lights in the bathroom and he or she thought it was unsafe..the principal would prolly RUN INTO ME in the parking lot. How do screensavers or the non use of them save energy…Hey chalkdust these folks that make these decisons they are educated right???by accredited institutions?? anyways good to see you have not lost your sense of is staple war of last year going???? Zman sends

  3. *shakes head in disbelief* Just more than I can comprehend…

  4. Dark school bathrooms?! That is wild. Steve is spot on, surely there will be a barrage of complaints.

  5. Not to mention the problem with missing the intended target.

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