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Somebody call the President.  My school administration has discovered the solution to the energy crisis.

We got an email today:

Due to high energy costs all personnel must turn off all screen savers.  Set your screen saver to “none”.  Thank you for your continued help in our efforts to save money.

Now my first reaction was, this has got to be a joke.

No.  The IT guy was serious.

With 1500 computers district-wide that’s gotta save us what, $0.02 per month?



  1. Whoa, that IT guy is a regular genie-ass! (genius)

  2. Wow, $0.02!! Think of all the … uh… (nothing?) you could buy!

  3. That’s brilliant… how long do you have to go to school to be an IT professional. I need to change careers.

  4. maybe it is $0.03 hahaha. lame decision made. hey, glad you enjoyed your pic from sue. that was so cool that she gave you it 🙂

    take care, beany

  5. seriously? really…seriously?! now THAT is budget cutting in it’s finest form!

  6. Our district spent $120,000 on a consultant to tell us how to save money on energy costs. We saved about $90,000.

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