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A word problem for the real world:

Johnny’s science class has devoted the last 4 weeks to practice drills for the state-mandated reading test.  If he takes 2 end-of-instruction tests over the next 3 days how many Disney videos will he see over the last 2 weeks of school?



  1. 2.5 hahaha.

    Good point, though. I’m irritated that the schools have transformed into less real classwork and more ‘how to take a test’ work. And then they wondered why scores were falling on top of that.

  2. At my kid’s school the answer would be one on each of the days he did not take a test.

  3. So funny–and so true! 🙂 If you have some time tomorrow, drop on by my place. We’re playing the Silly Sunday Sweepstakes, and Sharing All That Caption Love!

  4. So true, so true. Same applies in a high school the week of Thanksgiving, Spring Break, Before finals. ICK

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