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Daily Archives: August 29th, 2008

I had a birthday this week.  Birthday’s don’t bother me.  Turning 30, big deal.  40?  Whoopie.  50 is on the horizon and I’ve never given it a thought.

But I turned 48 this week.  And it bothers me.

Years ago my wife and I were in a situation where we thought we might like to leave here.  My parents lived in San Bernadino so we moved to California to start a new life.  My wife was pregnant with our son, who is now 22.  My dad was 48.  We only stayed a few months before we moved back here, but that time still remains one of the touchstones of my past.

You know how you have a picture in your mind of your parents.  No matter how old they are, you always imagine them at that age.  For me, my dad has always been 48.  Honestly I’ve never thought of him as 48, but that’s how I have thought of him, as the guy he was at that age.  Even now, when I think of him, I see him at that age and not the way he looked the last time I saw him.  I don’t know that I’m getting the feeling across in words, but maybe you know what I mean.

I’m that age now.  And dad passed away this year.  It wasn’t that long ago he was 48.  It won’t be that long until I’m the age he was when he died.  Life is short.  I’ve always known that, to an extent.  This year it became a reality to me.

I have a grandbaby on the way.  5 to 7 weeks from now.  The circle of life continues.  And it goes by so fast.  Enjoy the moment.  Tell your loved ones how you feel.  Live each day.