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First day of school…

Over the summer our district has installed some new software.   You would think someone would make sure things are set-up properly before the first day.  You would think.

When student schedules are printed you would assume that the first line would be first period, the second line would be second period, etc., wouldn’t you?  I know I would.  And I know that 1,683 students would think so too.  The headings for the columns on our schedules looked like this:

Teacher’s Name / Room # / Subject / Pd / Sec

Then they were sorted alphabetically.  By the teacher’s name.

Teacher’s with their last name beginning with A’s or B’s had 100+ kids show up to first period, while teacher’s such as myself, with a last name beginning with W, had no one show up…

Mass confusion for the first half-hour or so…




    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s priceless.

  2. Wow… even at my kid’s messed up school the admin high-mucky mucks didn’t mess up that bad. Too funny!.

  3. So, my last name starts with H. How many kids would’ve shown up in my soupcan of a room?

  4. Wow that even confused me and I dont go to school anymore hahhahahhah…sounds like a great first day of school SNAFU…..have a great school year are everyones hero for what you do…thanks for being a role model…
    ZMAN Sends

  5. You have to be making this stuff up. . for reals? Listing them in order period sounds too much like right. LOL.

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