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At the end of last year our school bought a software program for the math department.  Each teacher received a copy of the software, which was a tremendous shock.  Usually we get one copy and have to share among 14 teachers.  We sat through a three hour presentation before we bought it.  It’s pretty straight-forward, very user-friendly.  I’ve spent about 15 hours going through the program this summer picking what parts I like and when I’m going to use it.

I got a letter in the mail a couple weeks ago.  Professional development from 9 – 2 today on the software.  I’ve already used it so I called the school and asked if it was required to go.  Well, that was a stupid question…

So, from 9 to 11 I got to sit in a small room with all my math colleagues and listen to the sales pitch again.  Wait, you say, didn’t your school already buy the program?  Yes we did.  But there was another school there today who hadn’t.  Quality professional development you ask?  Ha!

We break for lunch.  When we come back at noon we get into how to use the program.  The first hour was spent on how to use a remote with a DVD player.  Which button do you push to pause, which button is the fast-forward button, etc.  You probably think I’m stretching it here, but no.  The presenter even said, about 10 minutes in, that the reason they do this is because different DVD players have different remotes and that women are apprehensive using remote controls since they don’t get to use them at home.  Seriously, that’s what she said.

The last hour was spent telling us how to use the different menus.  This is the lesson menu.  This is the guided practice menu.  If you want to go back to the lesson menu use the down arrow on the remote, you remember where that was right?  

At least they paid me $25 an hour to listen to this dribble…


  1. ‘women are apprehensive using remote controls since they don’t get to use them at home.’ Wuh?! I think you were grossly underpaid for this drivel.

    i couldn’t believe she said it. the scary thing was, she was serious. and it wasn’t drivel, drivel would have been welcome. this was dribble…

  2. I am a TA, getting my teaching lic. and masters degree, about to enter the 2nd oldest profession, and I enjoy your blog! Education has made my favorite superhero “Lady Redundant Woman”.

  3. What remote for? Duuuuhhhh.

    Sheesh, that was sexist of the lowest form, from one of my own!!

  4. Um, i would have filed some sort of complaint about sexist behavior from the instructor. HOW DARE SHE MAKE A COMMENT LIKE THAT!!!! I’m apalled and offended.

  5. The sad part is, next year they will tell you they want you to use something else instead and it really will have been all for naught.

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