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Not really. But this is where him and my mom have donated their remains when the time comes.

They’ve always been willing to help where they could, in any way, and even at the end they can continue to do so.

[Actually, the farm is right next to the UT football stadium and dad says this way he can hear the cheers forever when his VOLS kick someone’s ass]


  1. awh

  2. That is fascinating! Thank you for sharing this.

  3. When Hubs and I were at UT, he had an anthropology class with Dr. Bass. I remember the Body Farm… actually a very cool facility. Good for them.

  4. Does anyone else find the “No Dumping” sign humorous?

    And no one told me where I can donate to the smoking bench memorial fund.

  5. No way! I was JUST telling Josh yesterday that I wanted to be donated there when I die! (am I weird or what?)

    i vote for ‘or what…’

  6. I’ve never heard of such a place; very interesting. But doesn’t it STINK?

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