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The hospice gears started turning in earnest today.  The nurse who will be taking care of Dad came.  While he was here the home health lady that bathes my Mom showed up.  While that was going on the social worker from hospice called and said he was on the way.  The nurse and the bath girl left.  15 minutes later the nurse was back to draw more blood.  While he was doing that the social worker showed up.  He started talking to Mom and it turns out the original lady that came out to sign up my Dad did some research on Mom and she is eligible for hospice services.  The volunteer arm of the hospice called and asked if there was anything they could do.  They’ll be out Thursday to explain what is available through them.  Beep, call waiting…  It’s the hospice chaplin, he’ll be out on Friday.  The nurse left and the social worker explained what services were available for Dad and then talked to Mom about getting her started.  She signed the paperwork and is now a hospice patient also.  15 minutes after the social worker left another nurse showed up to finish getting Mom admitted.  And while all that was going on FedEx showed up with a delivery of meds for Dad.

I know this is a huge relief for Dad, knowing that Mom will be cared for.  He was going fast anyway once I got here and could help with Mom, I expect it won’t be long now.  My wife and kids were here for a couple of days, but they left this morning.  Mom and Dad seemed to enjoy them being here, but I imagine they were also glad to get back to ‘normal’, whatever that is now.


  1. Thanks for keeping us posted on the fam… it’s good that both your Dad and Mom are eligible for hospice. That has to be a relief all around. I still can’t believe it. I thought L & L would be around forever.

  2. M — this is good that they are eligible for this. take care, beany

  3. My thoughts are with you and your family during this very sad and difficult time.

    thank you. it hasn’t been quite as sad, so far, as i anticipated. being able to talk openly about whats happening and what is going to happen, and seeing that they are okay with it has been uplifting in its own way. the difficult part is more difficult though…

  4. I’m glad your wife and kids were able to come for a few days. And I hope writing this helps you in some ways. My heart goes out to you and your family.

    i’m grateful that they were all able to say their goodbyes, and with love and understanding, and no fear of talking about the process. i always thought that just going out BOOM with no warning was the way to go, but i’m starting to see things in a new light. with nobody here to release some of the stress, writing helps. definitely.

  5. I totally get the merry-go-round of people coming in and out of the house when you’ve got an in-home hospice patient. My boyfriend’s father is ill and a hospice patient as well. I was a CNA for many years, so I can help in a lot of ways even tho my own physical problems won’t let me do the heavy work.

    Hang in there–I found you thru cre8buzz.

    hopefully that merry-go-round will slow down now. all the different arms of hospice are trying to coordinate so they can deal with both of them in the same visit.

  6. Good news on the heels of what is happening. I wish there was something I could do for you.

    well, since you asked… boobs. they always help.

  7. Dad, our family’s “normal” always involves nurses and hospital visits. I miss you. I love you and hope I make you proud, even though I’ve done some pretty stupid stuff.

    bud, being young you are expected, no make that required, to do stupid stuff. its the only way we learn. i will always be proud of you. i love you too.

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