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There used to be a series of cartoons/t-shirts that began, “Love is…” and then would finish the sentence different ways.  I really know what love is now.  Love is my Dad being so weak that he can’t get out of his chair, but using whatever energy he has left to make sure my Mom is comfortable.  He’s dying, and the only thing he cares about is whether my Mom needs another pillow, or a refill on her diet coke.  Love is my Mom not being able to get out of bed and telling me to take care of my Dad first, that she doesn’t need anything, even though its obvious she does.  People wonder how to make marriage last.  Simple.  Put your partner’s needs first, even when you’re both literally days from death.


  1. Well said…Zman sends

  2. M — wow! crying. awh. sweet. beany

  3. Oh my. Bittersweet.

  4. M… my prayers are with you all. Let me know what I can do for you and yours.

  5. That love will never die. You will carry it with you to you and yours. I’m glad you’re getting this time with them. It will get you through the rough times ahead.

    yes, i’ve learned how to love by watching my parents, and to see it this strong at the end is, without a doubt, an inspiration. my daughter has only been married a few months, and i think seeing her grandparents now really made an impression on her also.

  6. This has to be one of the most touching posts I think I have ever read. It will be on my heart for years to come. Prayers to you and your family. xoxoxoxo

    btw-I found you from tales of a princpal’s office.

  7. This is absolutely true. Very sweet.

    For what it’s worth, I wrote a post that I think you might like, about a friend who is very funny and came to visit last night. Check it out on July 2nd, if you think about it (can’t put a link here, because I’m not sure yet what it will be.)

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