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Daily Archives: May 23rd, 2008

Famous words of wisdom from my wife.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling well all day. Not seriously ill, just off a little. I passed the feeling off to end of the school year doldrums. I went home after work and flopped on the couch.

My wife came home and fixed dinner. Sweet and sour chicken, one of my favs. About two bites into my meal I started feeling nauseous. My legs and arms began to feel ‘jello-ey’ and the room started to swim. Before too long I was fighting hard to stay awake. I have, in the past, had problems with my sugar so I have a glucometer. Took a sample. 484. At that point my wife insisted we go to the ER.

When we first got there my oxygen level, I forget the word, was 90 and that seemed to worry some people.

Long story short [too late] they did their voodoo on me and I got to feeling better. While sitting in the room waiting for somebody to come look at me again I noticed that of the many wires I was hooked up to was one measuring that oxygen level. I started doing some deep breathing to see if I could affect the machine. Sure enough, after some deep breaths the number would go up a little. There was also a line running along that changed the deeper I was breathing. Cool. I then wondered to myself if I could hold my breath long enough to flatten that line out.

Turns out I can.

It also turns out that when that line goes flat alarms start going off everywhere and people come hauling ass into the room with crash carts and things…

My dear wife, who has put up with me for 27 years, smacked me in the head and apologized to everyone for her dumbass husband.

It turns out that all by blood work looked normal, except my sugar.  The doctor asked if I had any stress in my life right now.  Uh, yeah, at least until an hour ago…