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I’m passing out finals to my third period algebra 2 class.  I get to the desk of one girl, LM, and as I’m laying the test on her desk she says, “I’m exempt.”

“No you’re not.  The exemption policy is you are exempt if you have a C or better and less than 3 absences.  You’ve missed 7 days and your grade is D-.”

“No, I’m exempt.   Ask my counselor.”

“I don’t have to ask anybody, you’re taking the test.”

“No I’m not.”  And then she got up and left.

I get an email a few minutes later from the counselor. 
Mr. W,  LM  is exempt from her finals.  She has a doctor’s note and is suffering from short term amnesia.   Please record her final grade as whatever she had without her final.

WTF?  I responded and asked if anyone has verified this doctor’s note.  Apparently they have.

I have to at least give her credit for originality.


  1. WTF? What’s going on with teens & American education? Give her the D- !!!!!!

  2. Well, okay, she gets the D then? Sheesh. I was six months pregnant when I took finals. All of my teachers were very supportive though, especially since my peers were not (at all, I was cast out, and this was in ’98). The last thing I would have wanted was to skip out on a chance to prove that one mistake didn’t make me stupid. Or, as another friend put it, she wasn’t a mistake, but she sure was a surprise! Sorry, got off track there. Anyway, I did well.

  3. Sounds like her memory is just fine. Yeah, the D- would be appropriate.

  4. If she can’t remember anything and she can’t do anything why bother even coming to school?

    I suspect her uncle is the doctor.

  5. Parents are worse than students. I got them coming out of the woodwork trying to get an exemption.

  6. I had a student who skipped the first two weeks of school this year because he had “school phobia.” We insisted on a medical excuse, which did not come, and he eventually caved and started attending regularly. (This kid’s mom does his homework for him.)

    I could totally picture you (as a kid) pedaling like a madman on your Schwinn. Those were the days…

    fire engine red Schwinn with white-wall tires. i was the bee’s knees

  7. I should have known from your first post that you were a fellow math teacher.

    I had a kid once who was math phobic and her parents (psycho docs) thought she should be expempt from taking math.

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