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The central administration today “over-ruled” me and gave JV, the kid I wrote about, his algebra credit and they are going to let him graduate.

They gave him a “proficiency” test and he supposedly passed.

What the hell was my final?  I guess it wasn’t a proficiency test.

And then they wonder why teachers quit…



  1. I’ve never seen that before :/

    The admins are setting up that kid for a life of settling for “just getting by”.

  2. M — that rots. i feel for you.

    not you. but what has this kid learned here? that if he (and his parents) grip enough, he doesn’t have to face the same repercussions that the rest of his peers had to. so maybe the next time (or more) that he decides to not follow the rules, he will get slammed big time for it when it will matter so much more. the school administration did not do that kid any favors. they likely just added about 4 or 5 more years to him before he will grow up and get it a little more about life.

    karma always works out eventually.

    so not cool what they did for him.

    you did the right thing. stay strong, beany 🙂

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