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Daily Archives: May 20th, 2008

To the superintendant, both vice-sups and my principal.  Lets see how they respond…

I had a student who failed my class this semester.  He had 20 absences, numerous tardies, and made little effort to pass my class.

He then took a proficiency test downtown, passed the test, and is getting credit and is being allowed to graduate.

First, who decides who takes a “proficiency test?”
What is a proficiency test?
Who administers the proficiency test?
Is my final not considered a proficiency test?
If a student can just take a test after failing my class, what purpose does it serve for me to spend 18 weeks attempting to teach the subject?
If this student is allowed to pass, how in good conscience can we ever fail any student?

If you’ve ever wondered why teachers leave the profession, here is one grand example.  No respect for what I do in the classroom, no respect for how hard I try to make sure each of my students who WANT to do well can succeed, and a lazy, disrespectful student laughing behind my back because regardless of the effort he put forth, he still gets to graduate with a passing grade.



The central administration today “over-ruled” me and gave JV, the kid I wrote about, his algebra credit and they are going to let him graduate.

They gave him a “proficiency” test and he supposedly passed.

What the hell was my final?  I guess it wasn’t a proficiency test.

And then they wonder why teachers quit…