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I received an email during 4th period today from the Principal:

Mr. W , your presence is required in my office today after school.  I need to hold a disciplinary conference with a teacher for using vulgar language in class.

Being the VP of the teacher association it is one of my duties to represent teachers in such meetings.   I got to the office a few minutes after the bell.  There was a pair of parents already waiting.  The teacher in question followed me in a couple of minutes later.

It was the teacher who sent me the email tirade the other day.

Turns out he got mad at his class and started dropping F-bombs.  One kid has it on his cellphone video.  Kids told the parents, parents complained to administration.

I’m sure he hated to have me see him in this situation, but all I did was take notes and ask him after the meeting if he needed any help filling out his response paperwork.  He didn’t.  I told him if needed anything to let me know.

i’m really glad I didn’t respond now.


  1. M — i’m glad you didn’t respond either. you got to vent on your bloggy — a good place for that urgh.

    but it is kinda “just desert” for the other teacher to be caught on cell phone video. karma? what goes around comes around? i believe that people ultimately get back the ick that they give out if they are that kind of people.

    good job, beany 🙂

  2. I kinda feel bad for the guy. Talk about your $hit week! Damn. Glad you didn’t send that email!!

  3. Sorry but that teacher should get the boot. The cellphone with the camera equals You Tube. If he cant control himself then he can go work at mcdonalds. If I were a parent I would want my childrens’ teacher’s TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE – Zman sends

  4. Well, if you weren’t such a pompass ass (Isn’t that what he called you? I can’t remember!) he wouldn’t have so much repressed anger and would not need to take it out on the kids. (Just kidding, of course. Poor guy seems quite on the edge. How many days left??)

  5. What goes around comes around. That’s all I have to say!

  6. Someone needs a timeout. Yeah, not responding was probably a good thing.

  7. I totally knew it was going to be him! That guy has issues.

  8. see? karma?

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