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Daily Archives: May 16th, 2008

Not funny today…

I’ve got a kid, a senior, in my algebra 2 class, JV.

JV came to me at the beginning of the second semester because last year he passed the first semester of algebra 2 but failed the second.  He is extremely intelligent, when he wants to be.

JV has:

missed class 21 times
been tardy 17 times
pulled a gun on his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend (not at school) and was in jail over a weekend
was beaten severly (at school) by the guy he pulled the gun on
has never once came to class with pencil or paper
has not taken a single note all semester
was caught cheating on two separate tests

I make myself available every morning 45 minutes before the first bell and an hour after school each day.
JV has not once came for extra help.

I’ve talked to his mother on the phone on 9 occasions.  She always says she’ll talk to him, but if she does, it doesn’t do any good.

JV failed my class.

Now, of course, he’s all about, “What I can do to pass your class?”  “I can’t graduate if I don’t pass this class.” His mom has sent me 13 emails in the last two days, “What can he do to pass your class?”  “He’s can’t do summer school because he has financial obligations to the court.”  “He’s already been accepted to NSU, he won’t be able to go if he doesn’t pass your class.”

He’s spent 17 weeks indifferent about his education.  He deserves the failing grade.  I’m not going to pass him just because he’s a senior.

This should be a no-brainer.

Why do I feel so damn guilty?  This sucks.