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Daily Archives: May 13th, 2008

I’ve never really understood why cellphones also had to be cameras.  If I want to take a picture I’ll use a camera.  If I want to make a phone call I’ll use my cellphone.  It has always escaped me why a cellphone has to be a camera.

Well, now I understand.

I was stopped at the light as I was leaving school today.  Across the highway, in the left turn lane facing me was a motorcycle.  I noticed that this particular motorcycle had a large, strange looking sissy bar.  It was about 5 feet tall and wider and “squarer” than most sissy bars.  The light changed and the motorcycle came through the intersection and I was now looking at it from the side.

I don’t know that words will be able to describe it, but the guy had a lawnmower strapped onto his bitch seat.  The deck of the lawn mower was angled down on the seat and what I thought was a sissy bar was the handle of the mower.  If you can picture this, trust me, it was funnier than hell. 

I turned right and was at the perfect angle for a picture at the next red light.  And me with an old school, non-camera phone.  Damn. 

I think I’ll go see if I can upgrade tomorrow.