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One of my favorite math jokes:

How is Algebra like relationships?



c’mon, this is an easy one…




have you got it yet?





wait for it…




okay it’s coming up…




You look at your x and say y?


  1. I think the answer should be Once you think you have the formula, someone changes the equation on you!

  2. I’m so right-brained, I hardly ever find humor in math, esp. Algebra. Thanks for making me chuckle. I get it!

  3. you made me giggle, thanks, beany

  4. hey, i just saw it. thanks for the linky love. the first day i read your blog, i was so amused, i put you in my google reader so i could always see when you post new posts. you have been cracking me up ever since. i still laugh when i remember your post about what did he say … when they guy announced okay let’s take a few minutes and go spread … hhahahah and the whole room roared with laughter. i love innocent little comments like that that make everyone laugh hard. great day to you M, beany 🙂

  5. LOVED it! Had to read it to my students (they’re seniors taking the first half of their final today). Tee hee hee. Then, I scrolled down and snorted w/ laughter at the Mensa words. Classic.

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