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Daily Archives: May 12th, 2008

One of my favorite math jokes:

How is Algebra like relationships?



c’mon, this is an easy one…




have you got it yet?





wait for it…




okay it’s coming up…




You look at your x and say y?

An email from my Principal this morning:

Would you please stop stealing stuff from other teachers?

Well, probably not boss, sorry.

We’re in the homestretch, just 9 days to go. The burning question on all my student’s minds is, “What do I have to make on the final to pass your class?”

Always looking for those teachable moments I give them the following formula: y = .8(a) + .2(x) and tell them to replace “a” with their current average, put the percentage they want to end up with in for “y” and solve for “x”. That will tell them what they need to make on the final to get the grade they want.

I guess I’ve been wasting a lot of time this year…

“Mr. W, how do you solve for x?” was the most frequent question (from my Algebra 2 students…).

One kid, whose grade is currently 24%, worked it out and found out that he only needs to make a 7 on the final to make it to 60%.

Another young lady has determined she needs to make a 147% on the final to pass. “Is this right Mr. W?” Actually it is. Seeing as she was one of the few to work the problem correctly though does earn her some extra credit…

I’m really hoping that its just end o’ the year burnout, and maybe, just maybe, they actually did learn something this year.

Please God.