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For those of you aware of the great stapler war of 2008 (and if you aren’t, why haven’t you read my blog????) you’ll appreciate how my day has went so far.

For the last week there has been a brand new 4 drawer file cabinet, still in the box, sitting in the main office. There is a teacher’s name writ large on the box. It is the same teacher who has the stapler I was constantly stealing. The box has sat there since Monday.

First period I had two of my students go and get the box. I told them to say HOF sent them if anyone were to ask. When they brought the box to my room we removed the new file cabinet and placed my old dilapidated one in the box. We glued and taped the flaps back and put the box back in the main office.

Fourth period the following email was sent school-wide:

Whoever put their used nappy file cabinet in the Staples box in the office and TOOK my new file cabinet….. give it back. Joke is over, and I’m all about fun and jokes, but not in the middle of having to pack up all my stuff in my room, sell 400 shirts, and TEACH.

Give it back, or you can take the matter up with STAPLES when I tell them I opened there (sic) box and show them what was in it.


About 10 minutes later two students show up at my door.

“There it is.” one of them exclaimed.

“There what is?” I protest innocently.

“Mrs. HOF’s file cabinet.”

Indignately I reply, “That’s my cabinet. I’ve had it for a couple of months. Ask anyone in here, they’ll tell you.”

And by God, every one of my students back me up…

“Yeah, he’s had that for a while.”
“I helped him unpack it. He got that back before spring break.”
“You trippin’ man. That’s Mr. W’s cabinet.”

Confused, the two students leave.

Man, its a nice file cabinet. I hope nobody tells on me…




  1. You are going to cause HOF to have a heart attack.

    That’s awesome.

  2. Everyone needs a hobby, but you are pure evil!!! (Love it!)

  3. oh man, you’re in for it. HOF sounds mad! hahahs

  4. hahahahah, loved this! beany

  5. ROFLMAO! Where do you work? When I go back to work, I don’t want to end up at your school!

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