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Here is the desk area of the teacher who had 18,000 emails on her computer:




  1. I will never complain about my kid’s room ever, ever again. Eeewww!?

    oh, yes you will. you’re a mom

  2. That is wrong, just wrong! And we let people like this educate our children?!

    There’s not a lot of educating being done in that room…

  3. You have got to be kidding me! I cannot even imagine functioning in that environment…as the teacher or the kids.

  4. Quick! Call Oprah! Maybe she can fit in a Rescue-the-Teacher-Hoarder episode before you’re out for the summer!!!

  5. At least this person has a desk….. at my school the kindergarten teachers aren’t “allowed” to have desks because they (administration) feel it promotes a more child friendly environment without a teacher desk.

  6. Okay, my desk challenge is REALLY on! Thanks for reminding us what it could look like.

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