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At work our servers crashed.  And then they were running again.  And then they crashed.  And then they were running again.  And then they crashed.  And then they were running again.  All within about 2 hours.

During this last cycle one email made it through.  From our site tech:

The server is full.  97% of the hard drives are being used for email.  Begin deleting old emails immediately.

And then they crashed again.  And stayed down for a while.

I received a phone call from the site tech.  He asked me to check the email of one of the teachers in my unit.  I went to her room and asked her to open her email program so I could look at her files.  She told me it was open, so I sat down at her desk. 

Now, I know some of you are going to think I’m exaggerating but…

She had every email that she has received and every email she has sent since 2001.  Over 18,000 emails.  Over 5,000 of them HAVE NEVER BEEN OPENED!

I asked her why she didn’t delete emails.  Her reply?   “You never know when you might need proof somebody said something.”

Why are there so many unopened?  “They’re not from anybody important.”

I wanted to ask her if she got her degree from a cereal box.

She told me she’d start deleting them after school.  About 45 minutes after the last bell I stopped by her room.

She was printing off each email for her files.

Maybe it wasn’t a cereal box.  Probably Cracker Jacks…



  1. I would HATE to have this woman for a teacher; I’m guessing she’s a bit picky (and a grudge holder). Yikes.

  2. There’s a tree somewhere crying. Oy.

  3. Crappy joke e-mails, too?? Errr.

    yeah. and she’s re-forwarding them again…

  4. Ummmmmmm. Seriously? I’m pretty sure you need to quit followin’ me around Uberschool — cuz that woman? She works at MY school! Not yours!!


    there must be a rip in the fabric of space that we can be in two different states but the same school

  5. Okay, now I don’t feel so bad that sometimes I go a whole week without cleaning out my mail box. 2001! I didn’t know you could store that many e-mails.

    the tech people put a limit on the amount of space available. her mailbox showed it was at 1135% full

  6. I once had someone tell me they didn’t know how to delete their emails. They tried but they just kept coming back.

  7. What kind of moron feels the need to print every email and save that many? She must be way paranoid or has something for which she needs to cover her @$$. I get anxious and start hyperventilating if there are more than 10 emails in my inbox. I try to get them answered, moved to a folder, or deleted ASAP!

  8. So, now I’m beginning to think that you are making this stuff up! This is HILARIOUS!

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