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One of the crabby teachers who complained about the coffee mug last week came up to me in the office this morning.

“This mug you gave me leaks.”

“Really, I’m sorry.”  I replied.  “Let me get you another one.”  This is the lady who told me she already had enough coffee mugs and asked why I thought she needed another.  I see you’re using the new mug…

“See, right here at the bottom, there’s water coming out of the bottom right here.”

Hey, I told her I’d get another one.  She isn’t going to be happy though until she gets all she can out of this.  I look at where she’s pointing.  Sure enough there’s a small rivulet of water on the bottom of the cup.

Wait a minute.

What’s that smell?

“Judy, is that coffee in your mug?”

“Yes, why?”

“You’ve found the Holy Grail!!!!!!”

“What are you talking about?”

“That has to have been Jesus’s cup.  It’s turning coffee into water!”

She gave me that teacher look and asked what I was talking about.

“Your mug full of coffee is leaking clear water?  Its a miracle!”

She gave me a blank stare for about 15 seconds and then just walked off…



  1. I just want to say Thank You! I found your blog through your cousin and I must say I have really enjoyed myself here. I have taken to reading out loud to my husband so he too can enjoy your wisdom. Keep them coming.


    well, you’re quite welcome. hopefully i can continue to amuse.

  2. Dahahahaha! Wow, that’s amazing! hahahah

  3. Hahahaha!! Get ‘er!!

  4. Wow. There are people who openly complain about gifts?

    Maybe she just can’t get high from the caffeine anymore.

  5. Maybe if you hit her up side the head with it, being that it is a miracle vessel, it will cure that bug that crawled up her ass.

    she’s one of those people who isn’t ever going to change. but i might try that anyway

  6. too funny. thanks for sharing.

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